Sale of Bardney Pharmacy, Lincolnshire

Bardney Pharmacy

Location: Bardney, Lincolnshire

Client name: Mr Zeshan Tahir 


Please tell us a little bit about the history of your pharmacy business; when and how you acquired the business?
I acquired the business in 2012 as my first venture.

What made you decide to sell the business?
The distance and family commitments.

What were your concerns going into the sale process?
Uncertainty as being my first time.

What made you choose Hutchings to handle your sale?
The reviews were good and good support material.

How did you find the process selling with us?
I found Paul extremely helpful in the whole process, and can’t thank him for his support.

Do you feel there were any specific aspects or benefits for using Hutchings?
I definitely feel the process was much smoother with Hutchings.

Was our sister company Hutchings Accountants Ltd involved and if so how did that help?
Yes, they did help a lot as my own personal accountant had not dealt with a pharmacy sale before, so was helpful having them on standby.

What are you most looking forward to now that your sale has completed?
I’m looking to have a holiday with the family!

Would you recommend Hutchings to anyone?
Definitely I would, I think the sale would not have been the same without Paul and Hutchings.

Is there anything else you would like to add that may be useful for pharmacy owners to know?
It’s good to have support there when selling.

Thank you to Mr Tahir for his feedback.  We would like to wish him well and hope he has a great family holiday.

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