Below you will find our recorded podcasts. Please check back here for new ones, as these contain great tips and advice for both buyers and sellers.
Buyers Podcasts
A Guide to Buying a Pharmacy Through Hutchings Consultants Podcast – Part 1
This podcast covers:- Registration, receiving the Memorandum of Sale & other financial information, arranging an appointment to view a pharmacy, importance of giving feedback & building relationships. Length 25.07 mins
A Guide to Buying a Pharmacy Through Hutchings Consultants Podcast – Part 2
‘Preparing and making an offer for a pharmacy’
This podcast covers:- The offer process, preparing an offer, completing the offer letter, Proof of funding requirement, how to make an offer more attractive to the seller, deposit & exclusivity period. Length 11.03 mins
A Guide to Buying a Pharmacy Through Hutchings Consultants Podcast – Part 3
‘Offer Accepted & moving into the legal process’

This podcast covers:- Anti Money Laundering requirements, Deposit/Exclusivity letter, Heads Of Terms Letter, Appointing Professional advisers. Legal & due diligence process, NHS Fitness to Practice & Change of Ownership.

Length 16.12 mins

Sellers Podcasts
Pricing Your Pharmacy To Sell
In this podcast, Paul, Scott, and Sam discuss strategies to achieve the best price for your business and highlight some of the key areas you need to consider as you prepare to bring your pharmacy to the market for sale. Length 17.44 mins
Preparing Your Pharmacy For Sale
We cover some essential steps you can take now, in order to prepare for the sale of your pharmacy. From documentation-gathering to understanding the best structure for your company, these tips could save you weeks or even months of delays during the sales process, not to mention the stress this could cause along the way. So, if you are thinking of selling your pharmacy any time in the next 5 years, listen to this podcast today and start getting all your ducks in a row. You’ll thank us for it later. Length 14.40 mins
Maximising The Value Of Your Pharmacy
In this podcast, Scott, Sam and Paul discuss the most important actions to consider in order to maximise the value of your pharmacy. If selling your pharmacy is important to you, either now or any time in the next five years, and you want to walk away with the maximum amount of money in your proverbial pocket, be sure to listen to this podcast sooner rather than later. Length 24.12 mins
How To Choose The Right Agent
In this podcast, Scott Hayton and Paul Steet discuss the most important things to consider when selecting an agent to sell your pharmacy business. At Hutchings, we provide the best possible service, but you should always know what an agent stands for and what they can deliver, before making your selection. Listen in to find out more. Length 8.19 mins