Valuation Services

Whether you are buying, selling, or just looking to understand the current market value of a pharmacy, we have a valuation service to fit.

Our selling your pharmacy page gives more details on our other services and how we can help you.

Verbal Valuation - Free

Verbal Valuation

If you are thinking of selling your pharmacy, we are happy to give you a verbal valuation free of charge.

To find out more; our selling your pharmacy page gives more details on our services and how we can help you.

Written Valuation Options

Express Valuation – Turned around in a maximum of 5 working days

A short document comprising all the key details of the pharmacy including its current market value.

Costing £895 + VAT per pharmacy this is perfect for;

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    Pharmacy pre-purchase valuations
  • Vector (2)
    Urgent valuation required for confidential and personal reasons
  • Vector (2)
    General overview of the goodwill value of your pharmacy

Enhanced Valuation – Turned around in 10 working days

A comprehensive market evaluation report diving into the detail of your pharmacy, its value, and competitive market standing. A much more detailed report than the express valuation, providing you in addition with a full breakdown of the market valuation methodologies used, adjusted Profit & Loss accounts, your NHS/PPD summary, a reference guide of your top prescription referring sources, competitor analysis, and an explanation of the most important factors affecting your pharmacy’s goodwill value. Costing £1,395 + VAT per pharmacy this is perfect for;

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    Facilitating a change in shareholder structure
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    Private sellers looking to attain a market value for their pharmacy
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    Divorce settlements
  • Vector (2)
    Tax purposes
  • Vector (2)
  • Vector (2)
    Detailed breakdown of the goodwill value of your pharmacy

Please Note:
Timescales are subject to the provision of required documentation and replies to additional queries during review. Hutchings Consultants do not act as expert witnesses under any circumstances. All prices quoted are subject to UK VAT and are offered on a per-pharmacy basis.

“Your sound advice to market the pharmacy at a sensible starting price was key to the success of the sale.”

M. Oliphant – Stapleton Pharmacy, Bristol

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