Pharmacies Sales Webinars

Below you will find our previously conducted webinars, some of which include contributions from other leading pharmacy sector experts. Please check back here for future webinars – these are normally uploaded within a few days of the event being hosted.

Upcoming Webinars

No Current Upcoming Webinars

Previous Webinars

How To Achieve a Successful Pharmacy Sale” was presented live on Tuesday the 23rd March by Paul Steet (Hutchings Consultants), Tim Clarke (Clarke Mairs LLP) and Atif Butt (Hutchings Accountants).

COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Community Pharmacy” presented by Atif Butt (ACCA) May28, 2020
How to plan for a successful pharmacy sale, February 2020” by Scott Hayton, Atif Butt, Tim Jenkins and Paul Savuto. February 2020
Hutchings London Sales” by Scott Hayton, July 2015
9 steps to a successful pharmacy sale” by Scott Hayton, March 2015
How to maximise the value of your pharmacy ready for sale” by Anne Hutchings in November 2013